General Information

Florida Freshner is a leader in the automotive aftermarket accessories, and we have closed to 10 years of grease, grime and grit under our fingernails to prove it. Not only do we sell quality, affordable accessories, but we also sell confidence.

Our Values:

1. Inspire and build the self-confidence and success of every Team Member.
2. Serve our customers better than anyone else help them succeed.
3. Grow the business and profitability with integrity.

History of Florida Freshner

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Public Involvement

Founded on the belief that good business is more than just selling merchandise. Every year Florida Freshner serves thousands of customers across the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Latin and South America. But our service leadership doesn't end there. It can be seen in our store windows filled with blood drives for the American Red Cross and Team Member donations to United Way. Because Florida Freshner is not just a company that sells auto accessories we are a company that cares. And together with our Team Members, customers and vendor partners, we have the power to give.